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The American political culture is deeply rooted in the colonial experience and the American Revolution. The colonies were exceptional in the European world for their vibrant political culture, which attracted the most talented and ambitious young men into politics. Topics of public concern and debate included land grants, commercial subsidies, and taxation, as well as oversight of roads, poor relief, taverns, and schools. The American colonies were exceptional in world context because of the growth of representation of different interest groups. Unlike Europe, where the royal court, aristocratic families and the established church were in control, the American political culture was open to merchants, landlords, petty farmers, artisans, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Quakers, Germans, Scotch Irish, Yankees, Yorkers, and many other identifiable groups. Over 90% of the representatives elected to the legislature lived in their districts, unlike England where it was common to have an absentee member of Parliament. Finally, and most dramatically, the Americans were fascinated by and increasingly adopted the political values of Republicanism, which stressed equal rights, the need for virtuous citizens, and the evils of corruption, luxury, and aristocracy. None of the colonies had political parties of the sort that formed in the 1790s, but each had shifting factions that vied for power. ~ Wikipedia


My Promise to Minnesota

If elected, I will work closely with the rest of the house of representatives and the senate towards widening and diversifying our tax base through sensible development.
I will also work with all involved in creating living wage jobs that not only support the commercial sector, but also encourage intelligent growth in our residential sector. by listening to with my ears first and talking second, I will ask you the voters questions to help me with my decisions with the votes that I will cast on controversial subjects. I will always welcome your comments.



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