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Working on websites

I have been working on setting up websites most of the day, I got the Green Party of Washington County site back online today and I also got the Green Party of Minnesota CD2 back online today.

Both sites were part of the hacker take down on, because the way powweb treated me, I left them and had to re-setup all my web sites. lost all the content anyway to it really did not matter.

We are now with a more environment friendly server and its based in Chicago and not LA.


It feels good to know they are back online and ready to post stories and information.

Have a Great day all!

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What are we doing……..

I keep wondering what we are doing, why do we put up with corrupt government?

can the people take back the government? is there a politician that will really work for the people and not big corporations and PAC’s?

WE need to support Move To Amend  because corporations are not people and money is not free speech! I support Dr. Jill Stein for President in 2016

We need to get behind the Doctor and elect members of the Green Party across the nation.

#WeAreGreen #GreenParty #InOurHands